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Article Written by Mikaela Wall

Photo Courtesy of Help Save the Next Girl

Virginia Tech student Morgan Dana Harrington was abducted at a concert at the University of Virginia and was found dead 101 days after the abduction. Her parents, distraught, thought they could turn what happened to their daughter into something that could better society and they did just that.

Help Save the Next Girl is a non-profit organization whose initiative is to make young girls and women aware of the “predatory dangers” that we face, according to helpsavethenextgirl.com. They aim to spread awareness to college campuses, clubs, and other violence prevention organizations across America.

The organization works with law enforcement and media to “enhance [our] ability to quickly disseminate urgent information, such as about a missing person,” their website says.This is beneficial because law enforcement sometimes doesn’t get the word out about a missing person, and the most vital time to find a missing person is within 48 hours of their disappearance. Roanoke College was lucky enough to have this organization come to the campus.

“The goal is to help spread awareness because this is a serious issue that is especially prominent on college campuses,” said the Founding President, Junior, Mary Cywinski. The organization came about to help spread awareness because of the girl that was taken, and she wasn’t the last one. It is to help prevent these things from happening again.

Help Save the Next Girl was brought to the Panhellenic Council by officer Tom Rambo in efforts to bring it to campus. It will be affiliated with panhel because it assures that the program will thrive on campus. If it is run by and associated with the Panhellenic Council, there will be a president and the people who run Help Save the Next Girl will recycle through panhel, therefore circulating the responsibility.

On Dec. 4, a man from DAD (Domestic Abuse Distribution), which is a program that offers services to help women who have been domestically Assaulted, is coming to RC to help spread awareness of violence against women. DAD provides escorting services for women who are too scared to go places by themselves. In addition, there will be a safety defense class for defense of how to get away from a perpetrator.

This is an amazing opportunity for RC to spread awareness about this organization that we should all pay attention to. A special thank you is owed to Rambo and Cywinski for taking initiative and getting this organization on campus. We all are looking forward to future events.