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Article Written By Mikaela Wall

Photo Courtesy of Google

Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to celebrate all that we are thankful for, but that thanks is quickly forgotten about when the greed comes out and the 6pm sales begin. Black Friday has become as much of a holiday as Thanksgiving, especially since the bargain shopping begins early evening on Thanksgiving Day.

People from all walks of life come out of their homes to bear the cold, or heat if you live in a preposterous part of the country, to hunt for the best deals for themselves and loved ones. Some people, like myself, will go “Black Friday shopping” to get 20$ off on leggings that will still cost 80$ at the register, but at least it’s a deal, right? Some people are not like this. They will get up at the crack of dawn and hunt for the best deals on clothing, electronics, and everything in between.

Junior, Mary Cywinski, has an annual Black Friday tradition with her mother that involves waking up every year at 3am to get her Christmas shopping done a month in advance.

“We drive to the Leesburg, VA outlet malls which is about an hour from me. We get up early because you have to hit the deals before 6am. After that, we get a nice breakfast then we head to the Fair Oaks Mall. After that, we treat ourselves to a nice lunch because we haven’t treated ourselves enough. Then we head home at about 3pm and get some sleep.” Some of the deals that include waking up at 3am to get are 50% off at J.Crew, Old Navy, The Loft and usually 70% off Kate Spade.

Some students are not as lucky as Cywinski, as they have to work on Black Friday. Junior, Victoria Driver, worked as a Sales Associate at Victoria’s Secret in Princeton, NJ.

She said, “We [Black Friday workers] sacrifice our Thanksgivings to come to the store and prepare for the 24 hour impending madness. This year, I was scheduled to work from 5:30 on Thanksgiving to 1:30am on Friday. The store closed at 2am, and we had stockroom specialists who stayed until 4:30am to clean, restock the floor, and rearrange the floor set. Even after our 8-10 hour shifts the night before, we were all up and ready at 8:30am on Friday to prepare for our daylong Black Friday shifts.”

In addition to the strenuous hours, Driver said she had to deal with uncooperative and rude customers.

“I love the store I work for, I love my coworkers and I love my managers. What I don’t love are the crazy customers who tear the store apart and have no regard for the people working that day. This year, a woman screamed me at because we wouldn’t give her a free $85 tote bag with her $20 purchase (with a $75 purchase we were giving away the $85 tote bag). Multiple people told me that I was awful at my job, and I also screamed at for not having a bra size in stock. Imagine this madness for one whole day. It’s crazy.”

Although Driver had to deal with unruly customers, she said she would not change her job for the world. “It’s the few amazing customers we have and the amazing women I work with who make it all worthwhile,” says Driver.

Every year Black Friday becomes a little more insane, with greater deals and crazier people. It is important to treat the people working to help you save a dollar or two with respect because they are the ones taking time out of their holiday to face the madness that is Black Friday shopping.