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Living Off-Campus



Article Written By Alexa Halages

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Kahn

Roanoke College has a firm belief that students staying on campus, not only enriches the student life, but aids in more interaction between professors and students. For those who wish to pursue off-campus housing, there is an application process and even an appeal wavier. The committee that decides whether or not a student will receives off-campus housing meets twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. RC policy requires that students live on- campus unless you are eligible for commuter status, are married, over the age of 23, a veteran, have a child, enrolled as a part-time student, or have received approval from the Residents Life staff. For those who do not fall under any of those categories, you are able to apple for the off-campus release process. If your application is denied, a student is able to make an appeal to the off-campus appeals committee. This is where the committee looks ate your wavier and decides to approve or deny your application.

You have completed the application for off-campus housing, now what? As a college student looking for a house, there are many things to take into account. For example, cost, what is included in rent, pets, location, safety and so on. When looking for housing, you must take into account the commute to your classes. Having an 8:30 class with a twenty-minute commute isn’t the best option for some who isn’t an early riser. The safety of the community is another aspect to take into account. Would you feel comfortable staying at your house alone at night?  With these basics out of the way, you can move onto what you can afford. Will you have roommates to help with the cost? How will you divide the rent? Once you find the house of your dreams in an ideal location, you might want to ask the landlord to take a walkthrough. During this walkthrough, take into account he condition of the walls, the lighting, the appliances, the showers, closet size and carpet/ floor condition. If there is anything that is alarming, either look into to issues, or consider looking for a new house.