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Pound: New Workout Class on Campus


Photo Courtesy of Pound

Article Written by Mikaela Wall

Boom tap tap, boom tap tap… That is the sound of the new exercise craze called POUND. POUND is a full body workout with constant simulated weight drumming intended to help with toning and increasing your lean body fat. The goal of POUND is to work on strengthening and sculpting muscles that aren’t used as much, like your inner thighs, or waistline.

The founders of POUND describe themselves as “group fitness rebels”, according to their website, where they first spread their desire to stand out and make noise in Los Angeles in 2011. POUND now has 7,000 instructors in 35 countries and one of the instructors now teaches here on campus.

Junior Nina Astrop is introducing POUND to the RC community. Astrop said she became interested in POUND when her supervisor sent out an email expressing an interest in an instructor. She said, “I like the idea of having music and exercising to a beat because it is similar to the Zumba classes I already teach. I like POUND more because I like having a more structured workout instead of Zumba, where it is more flexible.”

Astrop is an Exercise Science major who started her freshman year workout routines by going to group fitness classes. She became increasingly more interested in them and became an instructor January of 2015.

Astrop says “I have seen a huge change in Roanoke’s group fitness with an increase of instructors and types of classes they are starting to offer, like POUND. I am really excited about the new gym, because now maybe Bast will become a new group fitness studio?” She continues to say, “Exercise classes are great for anyone to start their healthy lifestyle journey, or even if you’re already involved, it helps to have someone else motivate you through these classes.”

POUND will begin at RC in January and Astrop’s first class starts on Wednesday, Jan 25 at 4:00pm in Alumni 211. Every week, Astrop will teach Wednesday at 4:00pm-4:30pm and Thursday from 7:30pm-8:15pm. Although the Wednesday classes are only a half hour, Astrop says the 30 minutes will be of a higher intensity, focusing on strengthening specific muscle groups every week.