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Photo Courtesy of Alexa Doiron

Article Written by Alexa Doiron

The band Beach House is growing in popularity in the Southeast. This past month, Charlottesville was lucky to hold a sold-out show for the band Beach House. The band is well-known throughout the Northeast but is continuing to spread in popularity in more southern regions.

Beach House is a band based out of Baltimore, Maryland that formed in 2004. The band only contains its two founding members, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. The duo is known for creating music that is dreamy and hypnotic by playing sounds that envelope a listener’s senses through continuous low and repeated tones.

Roanoke College students have started to get into the band and recognize the emotional and relaxing qualities of the music. Junior, Frank Finch, has been a fan of the band since before coming to college and is excited to see more students getting into the music.

“Beach House’s music is totally anxiolytic without being stultifying boring,” said Finch. “The synthesizers are great. They start off with a simple melody, and turn that theme into a three minute journey.”

I had the privilege of attending their concert in Charlottesville and seeing exactly what all of the excitement was about. The concert was packed with various types of fans, including a family of three whose young girl told me that she was Beach House’s biggest fan. The opening song was one of their more well-known tunes called “Levitation.” While the first minute of the song seemed quiet and slow, the drummer came in at the right moment to bring the music and people to life. This band is one that knows exactly how music can connect to people deeply and their concert is a great example of their artistry.

Legrand’s voice ranges from a pounding force, commanding the emotional connection that the music is loved for, to softer moments that make the audience hold their breath in anticipation. The thirty-five year-old singer is a power on the stage from the moment she appears, draped in a black and illuminating robe. As the music thunders around her, Legrand whips her long, erratic locks around as she hunches over her keyboard. The singer demonstrates the deep, soulful link between the music and herself, which is something that fans are drawn to, creating a bond between the music and the crowd.

The second half of the band demonstrates a more timid side of the performance. Scally plays softly on the sidelines while he moves to the music with his guitar. His sounds dangle into the air and create the substance of music that gives the band it’s ballady tones. In interviews, the musician remains reserved and purposefully does not give much information about his personal life. His songs are a reflection of events in his life and has said that the intensity of them simply reveals itself.

Many have speculated the relationship status of the musical duo, but both firmly state that they connect on a deep emotional level and that is what brings their music together. The band is touring constantly and connects with fans all across the board. With the emotional quality of their music, people connect to it on a different level. At one concert, a fan told them that their music even saved his life.

With a band like this, fans feel transported into a soothing state of emotion that bridges the gap between music and feeling.

“I think, like with any artists, where you were and how you felt when you first heard Beach House defines your emotional connection with the music,” said Finch. As many other students on campus discover the healing and powerful work of Beach House, it is exciting to see where this band will go.

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