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The Trump Fam


Photo Courtesy of Heavy.com

Article Written by Mikaela Wall

Everyone is familiar with Donald Trump, and most of us are familiar with his daughter Ivanka Trump, too, but not many are familiar with Donald Trump’s “eyes and ears” Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s husband.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are becoming quite the A-list couple. Ivanka Trump is a former fashion model, but she currently works as executive vice president at the Trump Organization. She also had her own line of fine jewelry and still has a line of fashion items in addition to her responsibilities at the Trump Organization.

Roanoke College student, Kellie Mahan ’19, says she likes Ivanka Trump because of “how she presents herself.” Ivanka Trump and Kushner are slowly becoming the face of the administration.

Kushner is known for his success in real estate investment, but more recently, he has come into the limelight as one of the senior advisors of the Trump campaign. Kushner was deemed the “Chief Operating Officer” of the campaign along with being Trump’s digital media strategist throughout the election. Kushner enlisted help from Silicon Valley in to be part of a social media team called “Project Alamo.” Kushner took on the role of campaign manager, and has been deemed responsible for the decision to re Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s original campaign manager. Additionally, Kushner has been the decision behind Trump visiting Mexico and choosing Mike Pence as the vice presidential running mate. Kushner was also said to be Trump’s closest advisor, and he has been given top security clearance for the Presidential Intelligence briefings.

In addition to Kushner being the behind the scenes “head honcho,”Ivanka Trumpis seemingly becoming more of a First Lady than Melania Trump, the president elect’s wife. She often speaks on her Father’s behalf with such eloquence and composition that most viewers end up being drawn to what she is saying. She is also recorded as having spoken out about plans for women’s and family rights for the president elect.It will be interesting to see how the next month plays out with electoral college votes, and if the Trump’s are in the White House, we should all pay close attention to Jared and Ivanka because they are slowly becoming faces of the administration.