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Band Review: Twin Peaks


Photo Courtesy of Daniel Topete

Article Written by Alexa Dorion


The Chicago-based band Twin Peaks has been touring the nation on their “Down in Heaven” tour, the third album which the band has produced. With songs that both play on the punk style of music as well as uplifting melodies, their music has received even greater notice than prior albums. Their concerts illicit mosh-pits and stage dives, while the four band members drunkenly enjoy the chaos before them.

While the band is made of four fairly young members, the music they produce reaches a depth of youthful emotion and talent that makes them an addictive sound.

“There’s some things on this record about how you kind of do the stuff that you love, but how it kind of depresses you,” said guitarist, Clay Frankel in an interview with The Line of Best Fit.

However, don’t expect the swaying-hips and charming smiles of the normal boyband in this set. These musicians reflect on a era of music born in the nineties and stretched into a fan-base that is now known as “Crust Punks.” These fans are ones devoted to the music and feel the connection on more than just a base level.

The band was brought together by member Cadien who presents a laid-back but important aura on stage. Cadien fondly has the nickname “BIG TUNA” and is credited for creating the band from the bottom up and producing their first album with a close hands-on approach.

The first album produced was recorded in a friend’s basement with only two microphones. Since then, the music has grown in quality as the band continues to gain fans across various platforms and backgrounds. While the main fanbase is the young punk crowd, there seems to be something about the music that also draws in various other types of audiences as well. Their music touches at the strings of optimistic and yet melancholy tones which pulls in listeners to relate to the confused state of youth that everyone experiences.

While the band’s name grows in recognition, so does the television show that they got it from. The show “Twin Peaks” has been picked up for a third season recently, and the band members are only mildly excited at this news. In fact, they admit that they had never watched an episode of the cult hit before naming the band. Now they’ve begun to get into the show that created the name for their work.

Recently, the band has released two new songs, “Don’t wanna miss you” and “Disappear” from the limited release version of their latest album. Following the announcement of these additions to Spotify, the band also told fans that they would be going on tour with the all-female punk group from Spain, Hinds.

Currently the band is finishing a successful European tour with Cage the Elephant that went from Oslo to Prague to Madrid. The recent spike in their fame has even landed the indie band a place on the Coachella stage this spring.

The band admits that they used to play to a lot of empty crowds during their tours. Their music has gained momentum and the members find themselves travelling upwards of six hours in a car from city to city to play at sold out shows. Still, the members say that they’re favorite city to play is right at home in the heart of Chicago.