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Men’s Lax sees Defiant Win, Heartbreaking Loss


Photo Courtesy of Roanoke Athletics

Article Written by David Hall


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times this week in two action packed home games from men’s lacrosse.


The Maroons, ranked 19 in the nation, overwhelmed Birmingham Southern with a 20-8 win Thursday to start the season off at home. However, that following Sunday they suffered a double overtime 13-14 loss to No. 14 Denison.


McHale Schneider led Birmingham Southern with 2 of the 8 eight goals with 2 assists to match. But it was not enough to stop the Maroons who took more than twice as many shots (73-32), recovered more than twice as many ground balls (62-28), had half as many turnovers (14-7), and won more than four times as many faceoffs (25-6).


Roanoke dominated the first half by holding off Birmingham Southern from scoring until the last six minutes. The halftime score was 13-1. This trend continued through the second half, but at a slower pace ending in a 20-8 conclusion. However, Roanoke’s match a few days later turned out to be a far greater challenge.


Denison pushed the Maroons as far back as 5 points behind in the second half. Roanoke brought it all the way back with key goals from Senior Kevin Jackson and Junior Peter Lindley, the former of whom took the first lead for Roanoke.


The game ended tragically when Roanoke, attempting to take a possession from Dennison, allowed the ball to roll over the line in double overtime. The Maroons are off until March 4 when they face Swanee on the road.