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Ecohousing Takes Shape


Photo Courtesy of Roanoke College

Article Written by Sophie Bookheimer


Next fall, Roanoke College will offer new housing option for students who are environmentally conscious.

The eco housing will be located on the first floor of Crawford and provide students with a space to promote their efforts to conserve the environment. In this residence hall space, students can live among others who are interested in conservation and the environment.

In addition to the eco housing, Roanoke College offers other housing opportunities, including communities for Honors, arts and culture, sports and recreation, and a multicultural living community.

“I love the idea of it and think it will help promote more eco – friendly living practices all throughout campus,” said Jane Rice, a student on the committee that advocated for adding environment-related housing to the community.

Students have the option of choosing from four doubles and one apartment, which is suitable for four students.

“Promoting sustainable living can make students more conscious of the everyday decisions they make and how easy it can be to reduce your carbon footprint,” said Rice.

Students can reduce their impact in ways like “saving water, turning lights off, unplugging things when they are not in use and so on,” she said.

According to Rice, students who live in the eco housing will be able to create programs that promote environmental and sustainability causes. Students can also work with environmentally-purposeful clubs at Roanoke College, including Earthbound, Roanoke College Beekeeping Society, and Roanoke College Garden Club, as well as other students on campus. The community will be given a budget to use for environmental programs or improvements to the community.

The deadline to apply is March 3rd at 8:00 pm. The application can be turned into the Residence Life and Housing Office or emailed to Dalny Ruel at ruel@roanoke.edu.