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Oh Snap! Tree Falls, Campus Freaks, Slight Damage


Photo Courtesy of David Hall

Article Written by David Hall


As a result of a brief, but torrential rainstorm Wednesday afternoon, the first day of March, a tree snapped at its base and fell onto Bittle Memorial Hall on Roanoke’s campus.

The building’s slate roof was not damaged, said Bill Martin, Roanoke’s manager of landscaping and grounds. The structure was built in 1878.

It’s not the first time trees have caused some trouble on Roanoke’s campus. In 2014, the famous Bittle Tree was cut down to avoid safety risk.

Students, who were having lunch in the Commons and already on alert for the storm, rushed to the windows to observe the unfortunate result of the weather.

The tree was about 60 years old, according to Martin. It was not on the list of historic trees and no record of its planting exists.