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Conspicuous Dog Siting Sparks Questions


Photo Courtesy of Roanoke College

Article Written by David Hall


Editor’s note: Lack of a concrete explanation led us to mark this story opinion, which is subject to change depending on potential availability of information.


A canine led by what looked to be a uniformed police officer was spotted leaving New Hall on Friday, March 17. Campus authorities said they were unaware of the animal on campus.


Three students, including a Brackety-Ack staffer, witnessed the animal, led by a man in a blue uniform conducting what appeared to be a search of the premises. However, when asked about the incident, neither Campus Safety nor the area coordinator for New Hall had any knowledge regarding the presence of such an event.


K-9 divisions exist in police departments across the nation. The animals are trained to sniff out illegal narcotics hidden from plain sight. Salem Police has no such division and the nearest one belongs to Roanoke County.


Campus Safety Director Tom Rambo suggested that the animal was a service dog in-training.
The Brackety-Ack welcomes any information regarding this event.