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A First Look at the New Science Center




When we here at the Brackety-Ack heard there was a model of the proposed new Science Quad, naturally we got curious. Not to mention being the nerds we are, we love models. So we tracked down said model to President Maxey’s office where he gave us a peak at the ambitious plan. Here’s a few pictures and some information about what to expect.

1. Massengill will be leveled to make room for new space for an atrium and a new auditorium.

2. That atrium will provide gathering space which will include a new food venue and a large glass feature to let in natural light.

3. Speaking of natural light, glass will be heavily featured in a tower designed to connect the lower parking lot to the quad.

4. The fate of what’s called “the cheese graters,” or the polarizing brick architecture features that characterize Trexler and Life Science, is yet to be decided.

5. The new additions are being designed by EYP Architecture and Engineering, a rm out of Washington D.C..

6. Although the plans are exciting, the money is not all raised. President Maxey said that about $9 million of the estimated $40 million is pledged currently.