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Gearing up for Local Elections


Article Written by Vicki Daguerre

What to know about the 8th Delegate District vote:

In November, 2017 the 8th Delegate Dis- trict of VA, and all oth- er Districts Common- wealth-wide, will hold an election. Incumbent, Greg Habeeb will be chal- lenged for the rst time since he was elected to of ce in 2011.

His opposition will be chosen through a pri- mary process and will either be Democrat Bryan Keele or Steve McBride. In the weeks that follow, the Brackety-Ack will do an in depth special on all candidates.

The 8th District rep- resents 80,685 citizens as of the 2010 census. The citizens in the District identify as 91.7% White, 4.5% Black, 2.1% Asian and .5% American Indian. 78.3 % of the population throughout the District is of voting age; 18 years of age or older. The siz- able district represents citizens throughout Craig County, the City of Sa- lem, part of Montgomery County and part of Roa- noke County.

Delegates are ap- pointed to committees by the Speaker of the House of Delegates. The Speaker is elected by the House “in even-num- bered years for a two-year term.” The duties of the speaker include “assign-ing bills to committee” and “appointing members to the House standing committees.” The 2015 Delegate election con- tinued in a majority lead for the Republican party, Republicans held 66 seats and Democrats held 34.

In order to cast a ballot in the Common- wealth of Virginia a per- son must be registered to vote. Conveniently, for the college, the Salem City registrar is located very close to campus at 19 E. Clay Street. For reference, it is between the Mill Mountain Coffee parking lot and the on campus commuter park- ing lot. When registering to vote you will need to know your Social Secu- rity Number and your campus post of ce box.

Here’s how each of the candidates responded to some questions asked by The Brackety-Ack.