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Stevens Joins Board of Trustees


Article Written by Paige Stewart


Roanoke Col- lege recently welcomed a big name to its Board of Trustees. Thomas Ste- vens, a current advertis- ing executive who gradu- ated from the College in 1990, has recently joined

as its newest member. Before earning a position on the Board, Stevens worked in ad- vertising and sales for various well-known me- dia corporations. He is currently senior vice president of sales for NBCUniversal, main- taining working rela- tionships with the sales divisions of NBC News, CNBC, and MSNBC. Before that, he worked for Turner Broadcasting

Sales, Inc. for 18 years. Stevens identi- ed several key moments from his college expe- rience that contributed to the successes in his career. He witnessed the value of a small lib- eral arts setting when he transferred to Roanoke his junior year. This new environment, he said, al- lowed him to draw prac- tical applications from textbook knowledge in

class as well as practice working with other peo- ple as a resident advisor.

“All of these ex- periences prepared me well for situations I’ve faced after graduation and throughout my ca- reer,” Stevens said.

Despite the de- mands of professional life, however, Stevens has managed to remain in touch with Roanoke College since gradua- tion. One of his recent responsibilities includes serving as chair of the President’s Advisory

Board, which enables him to directly contrib- ute to the advancement of the school. Endeavors like this one allow him to maintain an active rela- tionship with the College leading up to his new ap- pointment, he said.

“I’m honored and humbled to join the im- pressive leadership team on the Board of Trust-

ees,” he said. Nowthatheisa

member of the Board, Stevens said he hopes to learn more about what challenges Roanoke as well as the areas in which it excels. That way, he will be able to apply his advertising and market- ing experiences for the best possible results.

According to the Roanoke College web- site, the Board of Trust- ees works with the rest of the College to pro- pel its mission into the future. Together, they hope to land Roanoke a spot in the top 100 liber- al arts colleges ranking by focusing on academ- ic quality, experiences outside the classroom, meaningful partnerships and attracting the best

faculty and staff.