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RC Gameroom Competition


Article Written by Brieanah Gouveia

Student gaming aficionados exist at Roanoke College, but finding a comprehensive list of the best is hard to come by.

The Gameroom, located on the bottom floor of the Colket Center, hosts a variety of gaming consoles and tournaments for students to vie for high score recognition. Its website has a Hall of Champions list, but it has not been updated since the 2014-2015 school year. Among it, Madden NFL, NHL, Billiards, and Ping Pong are the only games to be recognized with student winner photos.

Sophomore K’hari Tassy works in the Gameroom and acknowledged that many of the tournaments this semester have fallen through, which has not helped the staff’s ability to recognize champion scores.

Tassy said sophomore CJ Miles is among one of the best players at NBA2K. He also recognized Mugabe Cim for FIFA and junior Adam Zona for Madden NFL.

Junior Najee Fuller, a frequenter of the Gameroom, shared his opinion of some of the best players at RC. He said he personally holds a winning streak against everyone he has played at ping pong, except junior Larkin Meadows, and acknowledged junior Timothy Goeglein as a good competitor, too.

Fuller also stated sophomore Kelvin Obioha to be one of the best players of NHL, junior JT Thompson for NBA2K and Madden, as well as Cim, Tassy, and junior Mykal Dawkins for FIFA.

Fuller’s greatest pride however is his own high score status on the retro arcade game, Miss Pacman. He said he holds the majority of high scores, including his personal best of around 193,000 points. Fuller said to achieve that high of a score, he had to play for about 10 minutes, adding “it’s all in the flick of the wrist.”

Unfortunately, the machine has been broken since last semester, and Fuller is anxious for the day he can play it again. Tassy did not know when it would be fixed. No dates have been set for the work order to be completed.

“The Gameroom is well used, but I feel like it can sometimes be under appreciated,” Fuller said. To draw more students, “They need a Playstation 2” so people can play “old-school games like Kingdom hearts, or NBA streets.”

Commenting on the release of old games for newer Playstations, Fuller said “They better get Crash Bandicoot.”