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Anxious prepping for finals? Here are some tips


Article Written by Sophie Bookheimer


Tips to Improve Your Performance During Finals Week

With final exams around the corner and the last assignments underway, it is undoubtedly a necessary time for some tips to maximize productivity:

  1. Apples – if you are looking for something to help your brain function, CNN says to try an apple. You have probably heard many reasons why apples are healthy. In the article “10 foods to help boost your brain power,” CNN suggests that the fruit can also keep “brain juices flowing” because of an antioxidant called quercetin.
  2. Concord grape juice – While you are grabbing a cup of coffee, grab a bottle of grape juice, too. The polyphenols in grape juice “improve communication between brain cells,” CNN writes.
  3. Water – Hydration helps brain cells function. LifeHack writes, in the article “5 Tips to Improve Your Study Habits”, that consistently drinking water “is known to combat anxiety and increase short-term and long-term memory function.”


In addition to these tips, students find that timed study breaks help while reviewing material.

Sarah Raines, sophomore, has a particular routine that she has found successful throughout her academic career. “I get up and walk around after it’s been 30 minutes or so then jump back into it after like 5-10 minutes,” says Raines.

Lauren Furlow, sophomore, also plans similar breaks to help her study. “I’ll work for 30 minutes and then take a 5 min break and walk around,” says Furlow.

Keep in mind that motivation is key to any academic pursuit and is unique for each student. “I just tell myself that I can get through it and just think about how happy I’ll be when I walk across the stage the day I graduate,” says Raines.

“It helps me to make a list of what I want to accomplish in the time that I have and only focusing on one assignment at a time,” Furlow adds.

Roanoke College offers a multitude of opportunities to help with assignments, exams, presentations, studying, and many other academic requirements. From Subject Tutoring to the Writing Center, students have support during these last few weeks of the school year.

May these tips and personal stories inspire students to finish the year on a strong note.