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Baseball Team Second in the Conference


Written by Aeryn McMurtry

RC baseball currently holds a 24-7 overall record and a 13-3 ODAC record, putting them second for the conference. The men finished March with a 15-game winning streak that ended with a close loss to Ferrum in early April.

Since then, games have progressed at a much more manageable pace. Later in the week, RC beat Lynchburg 8-4 and then lost to Virginia Wesleyan in a doubleheader over the weekend. The next week followed the same pattern, with RC beating Averett 6-5 and losing 8-5 to Guilford on Wednesday, April 11 before turning around and beating Guildford 15-5 the next day. This game kicked off what is so far a three game winning streak.

On Tuesday, April 17, baseball won at home 15-6 against Greensboro, followed by a 5-3 against Emory & Henry on Wednesday.

RC baseball only has six games left to play in the regular season. Their next games are a doubleheader on Saturday, April 21st against Washington and Lee at 12:00 and 2:30 p.m. Come out and enjoy the sunny Salem weather and support your fellow Maroons this weekend at Salem Memorial Stadium as they take on Washington and Lee on Saturday and Ferrum on Sunday at 1:00 p.m.

Soon-to-be Grads Collectively Wondering When They Can Apply for Unemployment


Written by Joseph Krzyston

As the class of 2018 prepares to walk across the stage, one question is on the mind of a number of the soon-to-be grads. Though few have been asking it, the question is surprisingly widespread, expressed mostly through nervous chuckles and averted glances. Still, a brave few are asking it aloud. One of these is senior David Hall.

“So I’m mostly wondering when I’m allowed to start collecting unemployment,” said Hall, under cover of an ironic baseball cap. “I’m lining up jobs, but if we’re being real, this is an attractive alternative.”

Despite his gruff appearance, which indeed is already suggestive of an extended period of unemployment, Hall is by no means unusual in his pondering. Across campus, students of all stripes have been wondering the same thing to themselves. Says Hall, “People in duck boots, people in t-shirts, people in hats, people without hats, they’re all wondering, man. All of them. I’m just the only one honest enough to admit it.”

This was confirmed by a representative from Career Services, who said there’d been an uptick in recent weeks of incidents where students walked into the office and said very little. “We’ve been seeing it for a couple months now,” said the representative, “students coming in and shifting awkwardly and tapping their knuckles on the desk and muttering something about federal assistance. I don’t think anybody has the nerve to outright say it, but it is happening.”

The college has assured students not to worry, and in a move presumably conceived to assuage anxieties, it has created five hundred new positions in the admissions department to handle “an influx an influx in vaguely qualified young people, some of whom might be willing to work a little.”

Shopping at Goodwill? You’re Making A Good Choice!


Written by Isaac Davis

I hope we have all had an encounter with the rather unassuming grey rectangle and blue lettering that is Goodwill. However, like many things in life, observation is simply not enough, exploration is a necessity.

Pulling open smeared glass doors, your journey begins. Much like a geode, the grey, dusty Goodwill exterior conceals a plethora of glittering opportunities. Take your first step into a new lifestyle as you’re greeted with an eclectic soundtrack. The organization of the store is straightforward – Mens, Womens, trousers, shirts etc. – but do not be fooled, things are not always as they seem. Your search must be consequently thorough; you get out what you put in.

My advice is not to confine yourself: let yourself be caught up in the current, try something new, maintain an open mind. Following just these simple steps unlocks many avenues of opportunity. The broke college student is transformed. Strut down isles of sequins to suits with a blissful disregard for those dreaded price-tags. Enjoy the luxury of a full outfit for as little as $15 (shoes and all!).

For the entrepreneur read up and search for designer labels. It is not uncommon to find an unworn bargain that could yield a lucrative profit on resale. Goodwill caters equally for those more creatively inclined: snatch up a few 100% cotton shirts and fulfill bohemian ambitions with some DIY tie-dying. Why not find look for fabrics and alter or create your own clothing? Purchasing second-hand clothing is a hugely beneficial and simple step for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Reduce CO2 emissions by refusing to purchase imported and avoid the exploitative fast fashion industry.

The wider benefits of supporting Goodwill as an organization cannot be ignored. In 2012 provided training for over 6 million people, many of those suffering from employment challenges (Goodwill 2018). Investing in Goodwill enables such extensive support programs, assisting under supported people of the US to re-engage in the workplace.

Not everything you stumble across will be perfect. Don’t expect the bright lights and frills we have grown accustomed to in sparkling shopping malls, but don’t be afraid to engage in the second-hand clothing market. There are few wrongs a quick rinse-and-spin won’t remedy. Save money, support people, and reinvent your wardrobe – how can you go wrong?

Theatre Roanoke College Spring Production: An Albee Evening


Written by Jessica Shelburne

The RC Theatre Department produced two one-act plays in their spring production titled An Albee Evening from April 11-14 in Olin Hall.

The two featured plays were The American Dream and The Zoo Story, both written by Edward Albee, a highly regarded American playwright of the 20th century, and both are considered one-act masterworks.

Theatre Professor Dr. Bruce Partin directed The Zoo Story during his graduate education and found it to be one of the most profound and challenging plays he’s ever worked with, for all who are involved, both then and now.

“From day one Dr. Partin made it clear just what his vision was and how he wanted it to come together, so it made the journey something to look forward to,” said freshman Zach Dalton, who was cast as Peter in The Zoo Story.

Partin said that he hopes to utilize this production as a useful teaching tool for all Roanoke students, regardless of their involvement in the theatre program.

Freshman Adeline Huggins was cast as Grandma in The American Dream and said of the play: “Working with Dr. Partin on his last show at Roanoke was such a rewarding experience and I’m so thankful for the opportunity.”

It is safe to conclude that the production was a success and will serve to benefit Theatre Roanoke College for years to come. Congratulations to Dr. Partin on his retirement following an incredible career.

RC Lacrosse Teams Dominate Alumni Weekend


Written by Garrett Ruggieri

Alumni Weekend struck RC and sunny Salem with a wonderful crowd of past and current Maroons who were proud to wear their colors and support the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams.

During halftime of the men’s game, the 1978 RC National Championship Men’s Lacrosse Team was honored for their 40th anniversary of accomplishing the title. These men were able to stand at midfield at Kerr Stadium in front of a cheering crowd and relish their achievements.

Along with the alumni celebrations, our men’s and women’s lacrosse teams celebrated senior day for all the veterans of the programs.

The women’s lacrosse team faced off against Randolph in the early game. This match ended up being the perfect way to graduate and ride off into the sunset after a RC lacrosse career. Our Maroons dominated the game from start to finish, and the final score was 25-3. After giving up the first goal of the day, RC never blinked as they then broke free for a 13-0 run, blowing by the already shorthanded Wildcats. Nine different Maroons scored in this rout, including senior McKenna Polak.

Roanoke had a 17-1 halftime lead in this game and proceeded to roll into the second half, executing true sportsmanship by using nearly the entire 90-second before making an attempt at goal, so the score wouldn’t get out of hand. Freshman goalie Carly Schoudel had five saves in the match, putting her at 81 on the season.

Overall, the Maroons played an outstanding game and gave families, alumni, and students an exciting match to watch on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Our men’s lacrosse team shared the same results as well. Matching up with

Randolph-Macon, our Maroons came out of the gate flying, accumulating 3 goals in under 3 minutes.

With added goals by 8 different players, Roanoke cruised by the Yellow Jackets with a final score of 20-8. Freshman Garritt Schwarz led the attack by tallying five goals and two assists in the game. Reigning ODAC Rookie of the Year, Jason Sarro, added two goals and three assists to the charge as well.

Ian Davies enjoyed another stellar performance as he racked up eight saves in the contest. RC had a good grip on this game throughout all four quarters, and never looked back.

RC was able to honor their seniors before the game, leading to an electrifying win.