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RC Students Raise Sexual Assault Awareness


Written by Emily Leclerc

April is designated as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It is a yearly campaign organized to raise awareness about sexual violence and educate people about the steps that can be taken to prevent it. College campuses especially tend to experience elevated levels of sexual assault, and many portions of the campaign are targeted to assist young adults in dealing with or preventing sexual violence. The campaign also aims to stop victim blaming and create spaces where people can feel safe opening up about their experiences.

This semester, a group of students addressed the topic of sexual assault in relation to LGBTQ communities in Dr. Gregory Rosenthal’s “INQ 300- LGBTQ and Storytelling” course. Group members Marlena Gonzalez, Katie Thaxton, Michelle Eimen, and Christian Delaney presented their research and findings in Kime on Thursday, April 11.

The presentation was focused on the physical effects of sexual assault, the laws in place concerning these crimes, and the resources available for victims. The realities of those who have suffered this sort of attack can be bleak. The physical effects and injuries can be damaging and long lasting. The mental damage that stems from this type of trauma often far outweighs the physical injuries. Virginia, fortunately, sports relatively progressive laws concerning sexual assault, but there are still loopholes and gray areas that can be taken advantage of. A large part of their presentation was dedicated to shedding light on the variety of resources available to sexual assault victims.

The group invited Laura Guiliams from SARA to further illuminate Roanoke county’s local resources. SARA, or Sexual Assault Response and Awareness, provides counseling and victim advocacy services to local victims of sexual assault. They also host educational workshops in the area. Guiliams gave a brief talk at the end of the presentation discussing SARA’s resources and how to contact them if necessary.

Sexual assault is a serious issue and open conversations need to occur in order to raise awareness and educate the community about what happens when it occurs and ways of responding. Gonzalez, Thaxton, Eimen, and Delaney have become part of the movement of those speaking up about sexual assault.

For those in need of someone to speak to if they have been affected, SARA has a 24-hour crisis hotline that can be reached at (434)-977-7273. It is entirely confidential and those answering are trained to provide necessary assistance.

Tips for a POPPIN Playlist


Sometimes when you go on Spotify, you go for a very specific song, maybe to play “Work”  by Rihanna because its been 3678387 days since she’s made a song, maybe it’s to play “Old Town Road” because you want to show everyone where the horses are or maybe it’s to play some Boyz II Men because, word on the street is they’re incredible. But other times you want to put on a playlist and jam out to multiple songs, but if your playlists are trash, then you won’t be jamming out to anything. Here are some tips to polish your playlist game.

  1. Decades on Decades – Decade playlists are super easy but always get the party started. Everyone loves a good nostalgic feel, so throw together some R&B hits from the 90s and bring out your inner aunty/uncle.
  2. Vague Ain’t Bad – If the playlist is just covering a genre, that opens so many windows and doors for you because it’ll never end! There will always be something to add to it because there’s always new music coming out in that genre, so that “lit rap songs” playlist will be over 45 hours in no time
  3. Mood Music – This is for someone a little above the beginner level; if you notice that a few songs follow a trend or have a certain sound, then boom you got yourself a playlists. Songs like Bruno Mars’ “Natalie”, Hozier’s “Cherry Wine” and Fall Out Boy’s “Jet Pack Blues” have this very dark and almost ominous sound that set the mood for a broody rainy evening in.
  4. Titles Are Everything – Sometimes the title of what it really is, like a 90’s pop playlist, or an emo playlist isn’t bad, but thinking of a clever and fun name that conveys the message like “Girls Literally Scream Every Time They Hear These Songs” or “These Songs Sound Old But In A Good Way.”

Give the Chainsmokers a Listen


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

The Chainsmokers are a group that do their thing, release some songs here and there, and you don’t hear too much about them. They put out some hits every once and a while, but don’t get overshadowed by big names like Ariana Grande and Drake. A perfect example is one of their latest songs “This Feeling,” which came out in the fall but is just starting to get played and recognized by fans. It’s a song with a good beat that starts out slow but works up to a song you can totally dance to. The lyrics are relatable and, to some, even inspiring.

The song portrays the back and forth feelings a couple experiences when their friends don’t approve. The girl in this relationship talks about telling her friends the reasons why she wants to be with the guy, but they just say she needs help. Likewise, the man tells his friends why he wants to be with the girl, but his friends talk about how crazy he is for this to their friends.

The couple joins together to sing the chorus, “They tell me think with my head, not that thing in my chest/ they got their hands at my neck this time/ but you’re the one that I want, if that’s really so wrong/ then they don’t know what this feeling is like.”

Relationships can be tough if the friends aren’t supportive, but the couple knows how they feel and don’t let their friends get in the way. Sometimes, despite all of the odds, a couple can truly be good for each other, and as long as they are happy, then what is matters. Like the guy in the relationship says, “In the end, it’s my decision, so it’s my fault when it ends.”

In college, we all make mistakes about people we date, but it is always a lesson to be learned, and sometimes a seemingly bad couple can turn into a power couple when they rise above the doubters.

“[title of show]”: Who Knew Writing a Musical Could Be So Entertaining?


Written by Charissa Roberson

“I’d rather be nine people’s favorite thing than a hundred people’s ninth favorite thing,” sang the cast of “[title of show],” which debuted on April 4, 2019. With energy, charm and talented performances, Theatre RC’s spring musical-comedy is certain to have won over far more than just nine spectators.

“It was really good,” said sophomore Madison Bourne, “I could tell they put a lot of work into it.”

Ryan Bennett, Kojiro Leonard, Isabella Moritz, Hayley Ramsey and Eric Lee starred as a group of friends trying to create a musical that will make it to Broadway. They must wrestle with questions such as: What qualifies as “art”? Is it worth sacrificing your uniqueness to please the majority? And is a musical about writing a musical even possible?  

“[title of show]” proved that yes, indeed, it is—and not only possible, but entertaining and heartwarming too, filled with self-referential humor and memorable musical numbers.

“I loved that the relationships I got to form with the other actors mirrored the relationships that are formed between the characters,” said Moritz, “And, of course, the craziest experience ever [was] when the writer and one of the leads in the show came to a closing night, and we all just cried.”

During “[title of show]”’s eventful run, these talented performers gave audiences a rare behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating any original piece of art, with all the tears, laughs, frustrations and triumphs that come along with it.

Maroons Talk Back(ety-Ack)


There’s been a lot of bops this semester, which has been your favorite?

Youssef Labriny, freshman, DC Moe “J.Cole’s ‘Love Yourz’ has been my jam for the past month.”

Sally Lyell, junior, Pretty Petite “Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ is SO good!”

Louise Tester, sophomore, Rugby’s best asset “Khalid’s ‘Young, Dumb and Broke’ is my forever mood!”

Joseph Swift, junior, Most impeccable hair on campus “Khalid’s ‘Alive’ is really good, his entire album is actually really amazing!”