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Boise State Causing Shake-Up in BCS


Cara CooperSports Editor

If there was ever a season to test the current BCS bowl set-up in college football, this is it. With schools like Boise State from non-BCS conferences, they are looking to prove to the BCS faithful that they can play with the best in the nation, and still win.

The Boise State Broncos have not lost a regular season game since November 2007; but even with two straight undefeated seasons, the weakness of their schedule has always been the Achilles heel holding them back from that coveted National Championship.

The third ranked Broncos began their 2010 run at beating the BCS with a game more than 2000 miles away from their blue turf in Idaho to play against the number 10 ranked Virginia Tech.

VT fans outnumber the Boise State fans in the stadium 80,000 to 7,000 at FedEx Field in Maryland, making this a virtual home game for the Hokies and added another huge challenge for the Broncos.
The game came all the way down to the final minute in the fourth quarter before a winner could be decided. If you quit watching after the first quarter, however, you would have never known it, because Boise seemed to have the game in the bag with a 17-0 lead after the first 15 minutes of play.

The second and third quarters were a completely different game, and the Hokies looked like an entirely different team out on the field. With only five minutes left, it looked like VT was poised to finish it out with a 30-26 lead.

But Boise, behind their Heisman worthy quarterback Kellen Moore, stayed poised throughout the game and had a game winning drive that seemed so easy it was as if they were facing the defense of a high school team. With 1:09 left on the clock Moore threw the touchdown pass that would seal the deal for the Broncos and once and for all prove they could beat the football powerhouses people were so skeptical of them playing against.

Many people believe that even if Boise goes undefeated for a third straight season that will still not be enough to prove themselves as a power in college football, even though they beat a team the caliber of Virginia Tech.

“No they do not deserve [to play in the National Championship]. They play a really weak schedule compared to other top teams in like the SEC or ACC,” said Ed Graybill ’14.

“If Alabama and Ohio State go undefeated, then no, they do not deserve it, because Virginia Tech is overrated,” said Forrest Spencer ’13.

Some people, on the other hand, believe Boise State is finally the team to change the BCS set-up and go to the National Championship.

“Everyone complains they don’t play anyone, and they finally did, so they deserve it,” said Nick Sburlati ’14.

“They’ve proven they’re good enough to beat tougher opponents,” said Brandon Shelton ’13.

Boise State has a pretty easy road ahead of them to completing that third consecutive undefeated season. They do not play another top 25 ranked team the rest of the season.

Even though it was just the first game of the season, the Broncos have to like their chances. Many can only hope they do the unthinkable by playing in the BCS National Championship game, so college football fans everywhere can finally hear what they have been begging for four years – playoffs!