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Commons and Cavern Introduce Changes


Chris Ceren – Staff Writer

The Commons has undergone renovations, including new hours. They now have a pasta and pizza bar giving students access to more choices while freeing up some of the congestion. The Cavern has also extended its hours to include being open on Saturdays, as well as offering healthier food.

Some of you may remember taking a survey last year, which asked students what they would like to be incorporated at the Commons and Cavern. This survey showed that students wanted pizza as a daily choice and that students also desired better operating times. So at the end of last semester the dinning staff got the ball rolling on the new changes.

The Commons offers a stir fry bar, pasta bar, and the new pizza bar, which helps to free up the rest of the food lines. The pizza offered at the new bar is not the cheapest, the chefs spent hours testing dough and sauces trying to find the perfect blend.

When asked what he thought of the new pizza. Many have expressed their happiness for the new found tastes.

The Cavern has also seen some changes, in both the operating hours and the food they offer. The new offerings are aimed towards being healthier, while maintaining the finger-licking tastiness. The options now come made to order, which leads to a slightly slower turn around but overall more enjoyable food.

When asked about the new options, Jillian Foerster ’11 said, “I really like how there are more vegetarian choices, and they are all really good.” The new Saturday hours are also a big hit, which are from five to eleven.

The new food choices at Roanoke College will bring more options to all
students, making it easier for us to work food into our busy schedules. The new look is something RC Students can be proud of, and something that will give them more choices. Everyone should feel grateful to the dining services staff who helped to make this happen, and for trying their best to make sure we are well fed.