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Warhol Photographs Added To Olin Gallery This Summer


Emily Erwin – Entertainment Editor

In 2009, the Andy Warhol Foundation in New York City informed Roanoke College the Olin Hall Gallery was a candidate to receive photographs taken by Andy Warhol, an artist famous for his pop art. A year later, the photographs arrived and are ready to be displayed.

Andy Warhol was an artist most known for his pop art. One of his more famous works is a portrait of celebrity Marilyn Monroe, in addition to the painting of a can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup.

Olin Gallery Manager Talia Logan says that there were certain things that needed to be done before Olin Hall could receive the photographs.

“[We had to] explain why we would be good holders of the Andy Warhol photographs,” Logan explained.

The Andy Warhol Foundation was interested in Olin Hall’s mission statement and about what kind of art was displayed throughout the year.

In the spring of 2010, 51 black and white photos and 103 Polaroid photographs arrived from the Andy Warhol Foundation. The styles of the photographs vary, but there is at least one person in nearly every photograph. The photographs were taken at various times, the earliest being taken in 1974 and the latest in 1986 before his death.

The Polaroid photographs feature several people. While there are several photographs of each person, they are in different poses. Logan explained that the Polaroid photographs were used as inspiration for his silk screen paintings.

Silk screen paintings consist of several screens with a different color on each screen. The screens were then placed on top of each other, creating an image. While this process is complex, it is easier to copy pictures. This is especially helpful if a painting is going to be mass produced in order to be sold.

In order to protect the photographs, they will be placed under special red lights to shield them while on display. Logan stated that there will be a larger showing of Warhol’s photographs in 2012 or 2013 in collaboration with Washington and Lee University, both colleges displaying photographs at the same time.

More information on Andy Warhol’s life and artwork can be found at www.warholfoundation.org.