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RC Sustainability Efforts Are Taking Shape Around Campus


Phillip Sheridan – Staff Writer

Sustainability Advisory Group has started this semester by changing its name to RC Sustainability. The group has come together to develop new and exciting ideas on ways to promote eco-friendliness on Roanoke College campus. With the re- opening of Lucas Hall, the only LEED certified building on campus, RC Sustainability decided new and improved measures needed to be taken.   

At the end of last semester, the environmental arm of the college met for four hours to discuss an outline of RC’s environmental initiatives, which included potential goals and projects to create a viable outcome. The group used the College Sustainability Report Card, a comprehensive evaluation of college sustainable initiatives, as a blueprint for reference. The targeted priorities included energy costs, food, recycling, green buildings, student involvement, and transportation.

Over the summer a few of RC Sustainability’s projects came to life. Fintel Library recently started a program that allows students to rent bicycles for use around campus.  The group also applied and won a grant to support the installment of can-crushers in all dorm buildings. The can crushers will be an easy and efficient method for students to start recycling.

RC Sustainability has come a long way over the last two years. It started with a recycling coordination group, grew into a sustainable committee, and has finally blossomed into a fully fledged well organized team effecting positive change throughout the campus. With all the new initiatives under their belt and already successful new recycling program, RC Sustainability is invigorated to start the year.