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Maroon Focus: WRKE


Valerie Maldonado – Managing Editor

Roanoke College has two student-run media outlets, The Brackety-Ack and a radio station known to many as “The Wreck”. The radio station, with the official name of WRKE, 100.3, reaches all of RC and the surrounding Salem community within a five mile radius.

The station’s design and planning process started in the year 2000 and after five years, was officially launched. The idea for RC to host its own radio station was influenced by a 2002 graduate, Jim Goodwin. In 1998, Goodwin was given permission by the campus organizations board to host a show on RC’s closed circuit TV station. Goodwin’s idea evolved into an official radio station.

At the time, the Colket Center was undergoing changes which allowed for a room to be allocated for the radio station. The station is now located on the second floor of the Colket Center. The station is equipped with a broadcast room where students can host live shows of music, commentary or both.  A production studio is also available for students to add files to the station’s music database as well as create and edit interviews or shows for future use or even for experimenting with new ideas for shows.

“The radio station has been great practice for me because it has been something I have always been interested in. I just hope more people will come out and give it a try.” Dan Abel ‘13 said.

In recent years the radio station has seen less student participation and could be in jeopardy of losing its licensing privileges. The current participating students include a production manager, news director, and DJ’s, who are working toward a new and improved radio station. These changes include more interaction and involvement with both on-campus events and surrounding community events. Some of these goals include hosting local bands on campus, broadcasting live at sporting events, interviewing guests to the college, and many more!

As with any student organizations on campus, student passion and commitment is the key to its success. WRKE is reassessing its priorities and goals for the RC community and plans to be a more active member of the student organizations.

“I believe that that the radio is still a great way to be involved within a community and I hope WRKE can continue to be a part of RC’s community.” Rick Mattioni, Radio Station Advisor said.

For more information on how to become involved with WRKE, email the station directly at wrke@roanoke.edu.