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New Album Shines On Linkin Park’s Career


“When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind.”  These are lyrics found on alternative-rock band Linkin Park’s recently debuted album called “A Thousand Suns.”  Through these few words of the lyrics, it is already obvious to those who know the band that the words and messages portrayed are far more positive than on previous albums.

 “A Thousand Suns” tells a story of leaving behind past mistakes, events, and the pain that has resulted from these things to become a strong, independent person and rise above the negative.

The CD is 48 minutes of a continuous song.  Although there are 15 separate tracks, the songs blend and become a story.  The music is also beyond anything that Linkin Park has tried before.  The style combines different genres of music, still using some rock and rap, but also adding in futuristic tones, techno, tribal drums, Middle Eastern, and even some piano.  The new sound of Linkin Park is an entirely unique genre in itself.

Many mixed opinions have been circulating about “A Thousand Suns” because it is far more inspirational and less “hard-core” than any of the previous albums. Many people really dislike the new sound and are turning against the band because of it.  However, some people really like and enjoy the change.

Like fans of any band, those of Linkin Park were most likely not expecting anything besides the style and lyrics that they have heard throughout the past 14 years, which has been called the Linkin Park “Theory.”  In the song “When They Come for Me,” the band expresses how people expect everything to be like it was in the beginning, and that is obviously not what the band themselves want to stand for.  “‘Cause even the blueprint is a gift and a curse. ‘Cause once you have the theory of how the thing works, everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first.”