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“Grey’s Anatomy” Starts With Smashing Premier


Kasey Hall – Staff Writer

With fall arriving there are leaves changing, football fans gearing up for tailgating, and the return of prime time television! This means the long awaited season premieres of some of our favorite shows that left off with nail biting cliff hangers.

Season seven of “Grey’s Anatomy” premiered on Thursday, Sept. 23 to an audience of 14 million, according to tvbythenumbers.com.  Although it did not have as many viewers for the premiere as it has in the past, the season kicked off with a somewhat somber note as the staff of Seattle Grace attempts to move on from the shooting rampage that ended season six.

Without the risk of sounding overdramatic, Cristina is getting married again in this episode and putting all of the stress she experienced during the shooting into her wedding preparations. Owen proposed to Cristina during last season’s finale. Nothing says romantic like a proposal amongst a mass murder. The doctors are dealing with their stress in different ways. Alex Karev, for example, has been walking around Seattle Grace with a bullet still in his chest, refusing to take it out because “the chicks dig it”.

Dr. Derek Sheppard comes back to work and immediately quits the job of Chief Resident, which is just a stone in the bucket of his new-found reckless behavior. He has also decided to channel his post-traumatic stress into driving overly fast on the highway, much to the dismay of Meredith who repeatedly bails him out of jail.  It is a given though; there always has to be an unstable person in the cast.

Hailey Doss ‘12 said, “”Grey’s Anatomy” wouldn’t be “Grey’s Anatomy” if one of the cast members didn’t have enough emotional angst to rival that of a thirteen year old girl.”

After seven seasons, a show really must be on its toes creatively to keep their audience interested season after season.  While the mass shooting plotline is generally overused in today’s popular shows, “Grey’s Anatomy” has the cunning ability to keep their audience wanting more of “McDreamy”, drama, and the opening and closing monologues provided by Meredith Grey that make you want to reevaluate your life.  This season promises to be one filled with all of the above.

Grey’s Anatomy airs on ABC on Thursday nights at 9:00.