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Brackety-Ack Uncut


Due to circulating rumors and misinformation, it is necessary to clear up any misunderstandings regarding the decision to publish The Brackety-Ack on-line only.

The primary but not sole reason for the decision was short notice.

The week of the first issue, September 5, was business as usual, meeting new potential staff members and brainstorming story ideas for the week on a Sunday night. That evening, it was pointed out that our computers in Bast 300, when updated to Windows 7 over the summer, did not receive the necessary Pagemaker software updates. An email was promptly sent to the IT department to get the problem fixed.

Then, the staff learned IT would not be able to get the program re-installed until Thursday afternoon. This presented a problem since the newspaper staff spends both Wednesday and Thursday nights putting the paper together. Due to the time crunch, the managing staff needed to decide between three options: postpone the first issue, upload all articles on Facebook until Pagemaker could be installed or begin working on The Brackety-Ack website. The staff chose what they felt was the best means for The Brackety-Ack’s continuance and circulation among the RC community. The best decision at the time was to pursue a long-standing offer of setting up a website.

Having a website is not a bad idea, but to improperly inform the campus community that we were ‘going paperless’ was an error on the part of the newspaper staff. For this, we apologize.

Also, the staff did not predict what this decision would mean to you, the readers. The priority was to “print” on schedule, to provide documentation of RC happenings and updates. In this process, the significance of tradition and campus demand was not considered.

The only legitimate attempt made to inform readers of the decision was when The Brackety-Ack was the subject of the Maroon Focus several weeks ago. Since the Maroon Focus is traditionally written with a positive spin to highlight the achievement of the subject, the end result was a slanted perspective on the changes from paper edition to on-line. After receiving comments on this article, the staff realized that the article format was not the correct way of informing the readers of the changes being made, especially since the unintended message from the article points to The Brackety-Ack never printing a paper edition again due to reasons other than the one explained here.

Currently, The Brackety-Ack is transitioning as staff waits for the employee to be trained on the newest software. The Brackety-Ack is looking forward to returning in printed edition and will maintain its on-line availability. The staff recognizes and asks readers to also be aware that a great deal of work needs to be done before this decision can be made definitively.

The Brackety-Ack staff would like to thank you again for your patience and continued support for the newspaper as this has been a different fall semester. Be reminded that The Brackety-Ack appreciates reader feedback and ideas. The staff looks forward to working with the campus community, as it is here primarily to serve you, the readers.