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Letter: Support The Republican Party In 2010 Midterms


As our nation struggles with the worst recession in over 80 years and a growing number of foreign and domestic issues, we are given a chance during midterm election to voice our opinions on how this country should be run. As with all elections, the question all voters should ask themselves is “Do I think this country is headed in the right direction?” Following the historic election of 2008, many people believed that the election of Barack Obama would set this country on the right track. However, after two years under Obama, we have to ask ourselves if we made the right decision? With a stagnant economy, increasing debt, decreasing world influence, healthcare reform, and a mountain of other problems that have held us all back, many of us cannot help but feel that the change we were promised in 2008 has been for the worst. The Republican Party is committed to providing the American people with change they can believe in by restoring us to our root form of government. We promise to tackle the national debt, the economy, and other issues head on and solve them in a way that is best for all Americans. In 2008, we realized that we had lost our way and that cost us the trust of the American people. Since then we have realized the error of our ways and we are now prepared to once again serve the American people. So on election day, ask yourself, “Do we want more of this so called change which has cost us billions of dollars with little to show for it or are we going to commit ourselves to a new way that will once again lead this country in the right direction?”