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America’s Torrid Love Affair


Co-News Editor

The election results from Tuesday night created a mix of excitement and fear in the hearts of American people. For the Republicans, it will be their chance to show President Obama how governing is really done. For the Democrats, the mood was a somber one as they lost the house of the people. After all the negative campaigning and the battle for blood, the world can finally rest easy knowing Washington D.C. is in good hands, kind of. The problems stem from the American peoples’ passion for wanting the opposite of who is in power.

To put it metaphorically, the people are like an indecisive man who has cheated on his girlfriend. He cheated because he was not getting the “goods” he thought he deserved. His mistress promised him a life of pleasure and a fantasy world away from his current girlfriend. Honestly, his old girlfriend was getting dull and boring. Her self-centered ego forced her to talk about her own wants, never about his. In a drastic attempt to escape the banality of this grueling relationship, he found someone else who promised him better.

At first, the man thought he found happiness with his newest treasure, but she was just like the other one, except she nagged. Out of desperation to release his soul from the dark depths of a terrible relationship, he began to idolize his old girlfriend. Forgetting all the negative images of her, he pined for her love once more.

America’s relationship with the current political parties is more or less identical to a torrid love affair of one man and two women. In one sense, we vote out a particular party because we hate their platform and vote in another that does even worse things than the last one.  Sure, the mistress of the opposite party tempts us with tax cuts and spending freezes, but it is only a tease for what the people know to be more deficit spending which empirical evidence tells us so. To sweeten the deal, the Republican Party will sprinkle on a dash of smaller government policies and a return to traditional values. Americans take the bait, leaving behind what they were brainwashed to believe was that “1984” would come alive. Don’t worry; the queasy regret will soon set in.

Eventually, the Democrats will hit the campaign trail for another election, this time to keep their jobs. With the American people’s amnesia, they will forget about the spending, the healthcare bill, the stimulus package, the focus on Republican missteps, and fantasizing about a time when the Democrats controlled the government. Notice how the nasty cycle continues. Alas, America’s political system is broken because of constant cheating and the idolization of the opposite party. Words cannot describe this horrible pain the American people face, but its actions speak louder than words. High unemployment, a terrible education system, a new energy policy are on the minds of the voters. Candidates will promise to deliver, but the promises will be empty and the voters will once again be the owners of a lonely and broken heart.

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