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“Lotus” Scorches Love


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On January 26 Japanese rock/metal band Dir en Grey released their new single “Lotus”.

This new single is just the second single released within a year with “Hageshisa to kono mune no naka de karamitsuita shakunetsu no” preceeding in Dec. 2009.

Dir en Grey formed in early Feb. 1997 as a five man band including Kyo, Die, Toshiya, Shinya, and Kaoru. Their style of music has transcended through various styles and genres, but has maintained a rock sound with hints of metal.

Although they are primarily considered rock, the band’s style has never been formally categorized.
Dir en Grey began in Japan’s Visual Kei movement of the early ‘90s to have adopted more Goth fashions in recent years. Despite their uncategorized genre the band continues to gain fandom worldwide due to their provocative, and sometimes controversial, lyrics.

All the lyrics, which are written by Kyo, vary from political to social to personal issues and everything in between. Earlier songs from albums such as Macabre, tend to be more social in content. For instance, “Berry”, from Macabre, a high pitched, piercing song describes a cheating wife beaten by her husband, where the child bears witness to the abuse.

Later albums are strongly political. “Vinushka”, from Uroboros, is a slow, hard, sorrowful song about the horrifying aftermath of World War II in Japan. “The Pledge”, from Marrow of the Bone, is more personal. Slow melancholy lyrics describe Kyo’s promises to change himself for a lover.

Comparatively, “Hageshisa to kono…” with heavy instrumentals accompanied by growled and screamed lyrics depicts love as a suicidal love trap full of hate, scorn, lies, and death of self. “Lotus” has slow, heavy instrumentals with deep, husky lyrics bearing the weight of regretful memories and lost love..

Currently “Hageshisa to kono…” and “Lotus” have only been released as singles. However, considering the band has been on tour since 2008, many fans are anticipating a new album being released in the near future.