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International Club Enjoys New Food Experiences

Staff Writer
On Saturday Jan. 29, Roanoke College’s International Club began the first installment of its weekend lunch series. The series includes two more excursions with events aimed at introducing its members to ethnically diverse cuisine.

“It’s really great to have an opportunity to meet the international students while experiencing another culture,” said Marissa Barker ’13.

This past week’s theme was Indian. The group ventured out to Roanoke to the Indian buffet, Taaza.  The interior represented the culture with its color scheme, paintings, and sculptures. As for the meal, the buffet included an expanse of traditional Indian food that featured plenty of options for those averse to hot spices.

The buffet style was a good choice because it allowed everyone in the group to get a taste of everything. There were all types of curries and rice, spiced chicken cutlets, beans, ethnic salads, and much more.  For dessert the group experienced a crushed beet and cinnamon dish that emanated a sweet heat sensation. Delicate iced lemon cakes were a delicious alternative.

“I thought it was a great opportunity to experience food that I don’t normally get to eat. I think it’s important to learn about other cultures and what better way to do that than by eating their food!” said Stephanie Simpson ’14.

The next two installments will feature East Asian themes. The next lunch will be Sat. Feb. 26 with Japanese sushi and other foods.  The last installment of the series will be Sat. March 26 with the cuisine to be decided.  This opportunity is available to all RC students. However, preference is given to students who pay the $5 dues, which is the cost for members.

Contact Lorraine Fleck (fleck@roanoke.edu) for more information.