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Monster Jam Rolls Into Roanoke

This past weekend, Advanced Auto Parts sponsored Monster Jam at the Roanoke Civic Center located near downtown Roanoke. All of the enormous trucks all had their own personalities as they mowed down piles of junked cars. Competition overflows at these events, as each truck is prepared to flaunt their abilities.

The afternoon show on Sat. Jan. 29, made Monster Jam history. At this event, the main monsters included Tasmanian Devil, Monster Mutt, Grave Digger, Lucas Oil’s Equalizer, Auto Zone’s Grinder, and Shock Therapy.
These trucks set out to show off their awesome tricks. The stadium was overpowered by the roar of the monsters. Families swarmed in every direction, rushing to their seats in hopes of getting the best view of the show. Children held onto stuffed monster trucks and simultaneously waved flags representing the different trucks.

The rev of the engines was deafening as the monster trucks made their way across the dirt packed pavilion. Their expressions themselves were deafening– the metal bodies perched atop of four colossal wheels taller than Shaquille O’Neal. The Monster trucks raced each other over piles of junked cars. The races were judged by a combination of monster truck experts and by the roar of the crowd. The Equalizer and Shock Therapy revved their engines together and drove over the junked cars with their front wheels flying through the air. Flashes were blinding as photographers tried to capture the massive trucks fly through the air. The battles were spurred on by the enthusiastic fans.

During the break in the races, T-shirt guns were fired into the crowd. Fans jumped up and down shouting out the names of their favorite trucks. Over a dozen ATVs entered the arena while the monster trucks recharged. They began racing around the dirt track causing the potent smell of burning plastic. The final outcome of the ATV races was that Virginia won both times because Georgia cheated.

It was then time for the individual races. Each truck was judged on a scale of thirty. They were encouraged to demonstrate their powerful engines in the most creative way possible. Monster Mutt, complete with floppy ears and a tail, plowed through the soil and over the piles of yellow metal.

The crowd went wild at the cute monster truck’s run around the arena.

Dust and soil flew through the air as the Tasmanian Devil pivoted in a circle on only one wheel. All of the trucks went over the junked cars, trying to show as much of their underside as possible. The pictures were inevitably blurred because the trucks drove at lightning speed. On the last run of the evening, Grave Digger plowed onto the scene with such force that it toppled over on its side. Thankfully, the driver was not hurt and the Grave Digger was able to be tugged back on its four wheels with the help of a backhoe. The outcome of the event was that the Grinder won with twenty nine points.

The Monster Jam weekend was a success.

“It was my first Monster Jam experience and I had no idea what to expect. I normally would not have attended an event like this, but I am so glad I did. It was an awesome show and I recommend that anyone who is looking for a thrill should check it out next time it comes to Roanoke,” said Sam Reis ’14.