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Career Services Tries Helps Students Succeed


Diane Vee

Staff Writer

As every Roanoke College student should know, Career Services offers a multitude of resources to get that dream job after college. In addition, Career Services will help any student build their résumé by providing them with the necessary information to apply for internships and summer jobs. 

Career Services is located in the Fowler Alumni House, a quaint building sandwiched between Fintel Library and Monterey House. All underclassmen are encouraged to email their résumé to the department and, if students do not have one, they can work step by step to create one. The two full time staff members in the Career Services department are director, Toni McLawhorn, and assistant director, Amy Foster. They work together, both inside and outside the office, to assist students in constructing their résumés and catering as liaisons between students and prospective employers.

Career Services focuses on informing students about the opportunities on campus. Students are able to receive academic credit for internships that are approved by the academic departments. Internships, Toni McLawhorn said, are viewed as mini job searches giving students the opportunity to decide what does and does not interest them. There are a plethora of workshops that focus on interview skills, building up résumés, making personal connections with employers, and much more. The department also provides help to prepare students who are planning to apply to graduate school.  

The easiest way to find Career Services on the RC website is through the Quinklink tab or on Facebook. Their primary link is MaroonNet, a private online job site which is open to any employer. The most beneficial thing about MaroonNet is that the only job-seekers are RC students and alumni. MaroonNet provides information on jobs posted directly to this site and also gives students access to three other sites: Internship.com, Career Builder, and Career Rookie.

New technology has made its way to the Fowler Alumni House. Career Services now offers the use of new audio visual equipment. The large desktop computer, complete with a webcam, allows students the opportunity for interactive video interviews. Career 15, a network used as a resource for colleges in Virginia, generously provided grant money for this technological boost. It has been tested and is ready for student use as of this semester. If this great service is of interest, feel free to contact Career Services to set up an appointment.

There are many upcoming events that every student is persuaded to attend. The Career15 Key Employer Panel is on Feb. 24. This event provides RC students the opportunity to network with five businesses. Also, there is a weekly Career Focus Dinner which gives students a chance to learn more about internship and job opportunities within the respective industry of the sponsoring business. For more information, visit the Career Services’ page on the RC website.

It would benefit every student to become acquainted with CS because the help students receive from them extends to college and beyond.

“We are here to help you. Here at Career Services, we provide a wide scope of help especially with internship, graduate school and job applications. We are also here to help with changing jobs after Roanoke,” McLawhorn said.