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Maroon Focus: Zumba Class Offers Different Exercise Experience


Sports Editor

Zumba at Roanoke College has become more and more popular this year as a fun way of working out and staying active.

Instructor Ginny Hinson ’11 started teaching last semester after becoming certified for group fitness programs and learning Zumba on her own.  She was first introduced to the Zumba DVDs by a friend as a way of getting in shape and losing weight. Hinson was really pleased with the results of this new workout.

“[Zumba] is a form of aerobics to fun music based in Latin and world dance,” Hinson said.

This is Hinson’s third year staying active with Zumba.  She teaches six classes a week and averages 18-25 students per class.

Last year, the class averaged about five students and Hinson wanted to improve attendance when she took over the job in September. She made the effort of introducing herself to each new participant and making everyone feel welcome. 

Sometimes her classes surpass their capacity with 40 participants. Therefore, the classes are split between Tuesday and Thursday’s offered at two times, Hinson explained.

“It’s a fun way to stay in shape because Ginny changes it up.  Every time you come it’s a different group of dances,” said Lauren Boblett ’11.

She and her friends Bonnie Gumpman ’11 and Jane Slusher ’11 attend at least two and sometimes three classes every week. They all agree it is a fun way to exercise.

“It’s better than going to the gym and running on the treadmill,” Gumpman said.

“And it goes by quick,” Boblett said.

Zumba really is for everyone because each move can be modified for any body type and skill level, Hinson explained.  It is like dancing but it does not necessarily take great coordination.

“I tell people, if you keep moving, you’re fine,” Hinson said.

Each dance and set of moves can be made harder or easier to change intensity to accommodate the dancer’s ability. The workout makes you sweat and keeps you breathing hard but it is made for anybody. 

Beginners will have no problem fitting right in with those who attend weekly. Hinson does a great job of making everyone feel comfortable and explains each new step as she goes along. Those who attend regularly are just as helpful and encouraging.

Six classes are offered four days a week: Monday at 5p.m, Tuesday and Thursday at 7 and 8p.m. and Wednesday at 7:30 a.m.