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Dear Sue,

My mom used to be my friend on Facebook. She kept leaving embarrassing comments on my statuses and pictures. When I went home for break, she kept asking me about things my friends had said which usually were inside jokes. I kept asking her to stop, but she didn’t. During Christmas dinner, she brought it up again. That was the last straw. I deleted her from my friends list. Ever since, she’s been really upset about it. I tried to explain to her that I’m an adult now and I have a personal life, but it didn’t help our relationship. Should I add her back?


Facebook Fiend

Dear Facebook Fiend,

Although we love Facebook, it causes many problems between family members, friends, and spouses. It’s important that we do not obsess over the social site. Your case is typical in the sense that a lot of parents are becoming more technologically intellectual. It is normal to have your parents and even grandparents on your friends list. Although it can get pretty annoying when they leave embarrassing comments all over your page, you should remember that she’s your mom. She is probably utilizing Facebook as a way to stay connected to you while you’re away at college.

She could be upset that you deleted her because all her friends are on Facebook talking to their kids too. Also, if it is your first year at college, she’s probably missing you more than you think. My advice is to talk to her about why her comments were bothering you. Come up with some ground rules or conditions that you both can follow before adding her as a friend again. If she breaks a rule, you can choose to delete her. If you break a rule, you have to call her every day for a month. You decide the rules, but always remember, she loves you more than you know. After all, she sent you to a beautiful college to become an amazing individual.


Sue Z. Maroon