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Super Bowl Half-Time Performance Review


Staff Writer

People watch the Super Bowl for more than the game. The commercials, the parties and the provided food, and who can forget the half time show? Super Bowl XLV had a lot of expectations to live up to.

For the half time show the Black Eyed Peas took the stage. The audience consisted of dancers in all white jumpsuits that lit up different colors and glowed in the dark. Then all of a sudden, Slash from Guns N’ Roses appeared coming out of the bottom of the stage playing “Sweet Child o Mine.” Usher also made a short appearance during the hit song “Oh my God.” The dancers formed together like a marching band on the field, creating another cool effect to the performance. All around, I can say it was a great show.

Fergie was the weakest link in the group.

“I was totally lost when she started grinding on Slash. He sounded great, but Fergie sucked,” said Caitlin Amick ’14.

There were mixed feelings about Will-I-am being on auto tune practically the whole time.I would rather him sound auto tune rather than sound like a washed out version of Christina Aguilera like Fergie did. Most of the songs he sang were originally recorded using auto tune. The high points were pretty spectacular, because they seemed to throw everyone off guard.

No one expected Slash and Usher, both legends in their genres. Their appearances made the show for most viewers.

The show was very futuristic especially with the white LED suits the dancers wore, and the ornate costumes the Peas wore made them look like space rangers, but in a good way. If they would have had platform boots I might have thought I was watching a KISS concert. It was creative and added something to the tone of the performance. RC students were split in numbers between those who liked the performance and those who hated it. However, out of the many students interviewed, there was not one person who said it was just satisfactory.  Everyone was one extreme or the other on their opinions.