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Laura Jansen: Artist on the Rise


Staff Writer

As the New Year progresses, many new popular musicians and singers have taken the spotlight in the music world. Needless to say, several non-mainstream artists are still just as popular and being discovered daily as well.

One new artist bound to take the spotlight in the near future is Laura Jansen. Her style, which is similar to that of Regina Spektor and Sara Bareilles, possesses an alternative pop-piano rhythm. Jansen was born in the Netherlands and began performing piano accompanied music from a young age.

The first song that she recalls performing on piano was Beethoven’s “Fur Elise.” Her music began to develop an American fan-base after several performances at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles, CA. The Hotel Café sets the stage for many new singers and songwriters, and Laura Jansen has made the list.

It took some time, however, Jansen’s first few songs to develop her career further in the United States include a cover song of “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. One of Jansen’s recent hits includes a song entitled, “Single Girls.” Her music is soul inspired and her lyrics are confessional. They are about stories relatable to many young men and women. Jansen has also developed several music videos that she describes as an exciting experience.

“The process of making a video should be as imaginative and fun as possible. The videos we’ve made are snippets of my imagination and are certainly part of who I am,” Jansen said.

Her music is inspired not only by other musicians like herself, but by the ordinary people she meets. Jansen will explore around the town, go to the local coffee shop, maybe even stop by a small business such as record store to talk to other people about everyday life. She wants to know what inspires them to listen to the musical selections that they do.

Laura Jansen will be touring from now until April 2011. Her music is definitely something to check out.