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Dean’s Award





                                      Nominations Sought from Students and Faculty



            In order to give public recognition to outstanding performance, which is frequently typical of so many faculty members at Roanoke College, the Dean’s Council has established awards for faculty excellence in the areas of teaching, service, and professional achievement.  

            Students and faculty members are encouraged to nominate someone for this year’s awards (Exemplary Teaching and Exemplary Professional Achievement Awards — some criteria for selection are given below).  Nominations should be sent to Dr. Ed Whitson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Life Sciences 512 (mailbox is to left of Life Scienes 509D) by deadline of Monday, March 21. NOTE: It is very helpful to include with the nomination a paragraph or two giving the reasons for the nomination.  (Nominations and supporting statements may also be sent by e-mail to whitson@roanoke.edu)

            EXEMPLARY TEACHING AWARD — The purpose of this annual award is to recognize outstanding teaching at Roanoke College;  judgments of superior teaching performance may be based on perceptions of teaching effectiveness, contributions to curriculum, quality of materials used in courses, the selection of intellectual tasks for the students, and other factors.

            EXEMPLARY PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD — One faculty member will be selected this year (and in alternate years) to recognize the achievements of a Roanoke College professor who has made notable contributions to his or her discipline;  judgments of outstanding professional accomplishment are based on the number and quality of publications, presentations, exhibitions, performances, and other professional activities. This award alternates with the Exemplary Service Award.

            The purpose of the Exemplary Service Award (which will be given next year) is to recognize a Roanoke professor who embodies the highest ideals of service in her or his work, either at Roanoke College or in the larger community. Professional service may involve many factors, such as the number and quality of service activities, the range or focus of the activities, honors or awards received from off-campus organizations, and the time invested in service activities.

            Previous winners of these awards are listed below:

 YEAR       TEACHING                      SERVICE/PROF. ACHIEVEMENT 


2009/10           Christopher Lassiter      N. Jane Ingram (Service)

2008/09           Robert A. Willingham   Roland B. Minton (Achievement)

2007/08           Kristi L. Hoffman         Richard G. Grant (Service)

2006/07           Benjamin P. Huddle     J. Brooks Crozier (Achievement)

2005/06           Florinda Ruiz                Charlene F. Kalinoski (Service)

2004/05           Leonard D. Pysh                       Anil M. Shende (Achievement)

2003/04           Garry A. Fleming          Hans M. Zorn (Service)

2002/03           Melanie Almeder                      Gregory L. Weiss (Achievement)

2001/02           W. Kevin Baker                        Eberle L. Smith (Service)

2000/01           Richard G. Grant          W. Gary Hollis, Jr. (Ach.)

1999/2000       Paul Hanstedt               Gail H. McKee (Service)     

1998/99           R. Scott Hardwig          Gerald R. McDermott (Ach.)

1997/98           Roland B. Minton         J. Mack Welford (Service)

1996/97           Ned P. Wisnefske         Robert D. Denham (Achievement)

1995/96           Gregory L. Weiss          N. George Arthur (Service)

1994/95           James M. Ogier                        Abdulnasser F. Barghouty (Ach.)     1993/94          Bobbye G. Au               James Buriak  (Service)

1992/93           Jan H. Lynch                 Robert E. Jenkins (Achievement)

1991/92           Edward L. McClelland   Susan P. Millinger (Service)

1990/91           C. William Hill                   Robert Benne (Achievement)

1989/90           Sarah J. Simmons          Benjamin P. Huddle (Service);

                                                                          Patricia M. Gathercole (Ach.)

1988/89           Denis A. Lape

            Selection of this year’s recipients (Teaching and Professional Achievement) will be made by the Dean’s selection committee in early April, with recognition given to the faculty members at a ceremony in April.  Each award consists of a certificate presented to the awardee, the awardee’s name added to the appropriate permanent plaque mounted in the Administration Building, and an honorarium.