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“Friday” becomes YouTube sensation


Staff Writer

It’s Friday, Roanoke College students.  What do you plan to do tonight?  New teenybopper singer sensation, likened to Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, has shared with the world what she likes to do in her hit single, “Friday.”

Black’s interest in music led her parents to help her get a spot working with Ark Music Factory.  After declining several song ideas for the label, Black agreed to “Friday,” which she felt was more age appropriate.  Although she admits she wasn’t totally in love with the song, but she liked it well enough to perform.

After posting the single on YouTube a month ago, to what many would call a “Black Friday,” the song skyrocketed overnight and has become a viral music video featured on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” The video now boasts over 38 million views and has even passed Justin Bieber on the iTunes Top 100 chart.

Despite the statistics, much of the fame is from critical viewers. With its auto-tune-heavy vocals and overall synthesized and inorganic feel, the song has failed to enchant all of its viewers.  The song appeals to most as a humorous representation of teen music, or lack thereof.

Still, it is truly the song that gains its popularity from those who love to hate it and those who hate to love it. Preteens will love it for its formulaic bass and rhythms and older listeners will love it for its humor.

Black mesmerizes all as master of the obvious with her lyrics “yesterday was Thursday…Today is Friday…Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.”  Yet, no one can say what makes the video so great.  Is it her stationary, smiling face, or her laconic, almost Twitter-like phrases with which we can relate so well?

Without a doubt, there is fun to be had in Black’s imaginary Friday world, if her surrounding head-bobbers are any indication, and many are trying to play up that fact. Negative comments have played a role in Black’s self-esteem since the release, and there is a new stress to play up the positive.

Black intimates that she had no intention of presenting the video as the best song in the world. She even communicates that she believes her own singing to be good and not necessarily great. She was merely the byproduct of a music label trying to crank out a hit. However, she’s caught the attention of a few celebrities.

Media releases claim numerous intended projects for Black and other singers, but such ideas have not been confirmed.  Her talent still remains to be seen, but lest assured, many will await her next attempt.