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Greek Life to Lose Funding


Sean Anderson

Staff Writer

As part of a new financial plan for Roanoke College in the coming years, Roanoke College has decided to cut the majority of funding to Greek life organizations.

 The cut will require all of the Greek organizations—including those that currently reside on Elizabeth Campus—to be relocated to the Crawford residence hall located on East Clay Street.

 “I guess the move makes sense,” Alan Crofton ’13 said.  “Have you seen the Crawford basement?  There’s a closet in there with a whole bunch of Greek stuff.”

 According to George Leland, Roanoke College’s Director of Building Management, “When you think about it, Roanoke has always been sandwiched between Market Street and Thompson Memorial.  It’s been that way for 200 years.  Bringing all Greek Life back home will be great for the campus.”

 The administration of Roanoke College has a new plan for the Elizabeth Campus.  The campus, previously only used for housing Greek life, will be the flagship of Roanoke’s Masters Program.  This Masters Program will compete with Hollins’ Masters Program.

 “I’m glad they’re changing Elizabeth Campus,” Esther Sterling ’14 said.  “I’ve been wanting to join ASA but I don’t have car.  Walking would be too much for me.  Now that they’ll be on campus, I can try to join now.”

 As for the other residence halls currently being used by Greek Life, such as Chesapeake Hall and the Sigma Chi house, they will be repurposed for themed housing and the Honors Program.

 Markley Hall, home to ASA, Kime Hall, home to Pi Kappa Alpha, Crabtree Hall, home to Kappa Alpha, and Elizabeth Hall will become Masters Program housing.  McClanahan Hall, which is currently vacant, will be home to Roanoke College’s Business Masters Program.  Hundley Hall, which is currently being used by the astronomy class, will become Roanoke’s English Masters Program building.