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Staff Writer

Dear Sue,

I’m addicted to Farmville on Facebook. Every day I get on at least ten times to check my crops. I feel that it is starting to become a problem. It gets in the way of my schoolwork and I stay in my room to play it instead of going out with friends. During class all I think about is if my crops are going to wither if I don’t get online in time. I even created a fake Facebook account just so I could send myself gifts on Farmville. I keep telling my worried friends that I can stop any time I want, but I’m starting to think that I can’t. What should I do?


Farmville Fanatic

Dear Farmville Fanatic,

Who cares? Play Farmville all you want! We’re all addicted. It doesn’t matter if you put it before your homework every night. You’ll eventually get to your homework. The fact that you would rather hang out with your fake cows than your real friends is an accomplishment! Who needs real friends anyway! I suggest you start buying microwave meals so you never have to leave your room for meals! Skipping a class or two so you can harvest your crops may be in your best interest. Professors give you a few “free” unexcused absences anyway. You might as well use them! Don’t worry. It is not at all pathetic that you made another account to help out your farm. It is actually a very great idea! I might even use it to get ahead on my farm. Stop telling your friends you can stop any time. Let’s face it. We can’t stop! It is way too much fun! Have a great time farming!

Happy Farming,

Sue Z. Maroon