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Dear Sue,

The semester is almost over and summer is creeping up on us quickly. I still have not set up a summer job! I don’t know what to do! A lot of places where I live aren’t hiring because of the recession. I need a job to save up spending money for next year. I also really don’t want to be spending the entire summer on the couch watching Jersey Shore re-runs. Do you have any advice?


Job Hunting Dummy

Dear Job Hunting Dummy,

Do not fret! Although I would suggest that the best tactic for landing a summer job is applying to as many places as possible while you’re home for spring break, there is still a chance to snag a position somewhere in your hometown. As soon as you get back from school, go around to all the local businesses and ask for applications. The best places to go are seasonal or summer businesses or places that hire extra staff during the summer months.

The good news is you’re at least beating the rush of the high school kids. They won’t get out of school for another month. When you go to turn in your applications, make sure to ask if a manager is available to talk. This will show how much you are interested and will show the manager that you can take initiative. Make sure you look nice and presentable for this. If the manager is not there, make sure you call and check up on your application. Sometimes businesses get a lot of applications with vague information. Calling them will help you stand out amongst the other applicants.

There are also great jobs you can score where you do all the work at home. There is a website called getpaidsurveys.com. Basically you sign up online and they send you free samples to try. You only spend about five hours a week taking surveys on the products. You can make

up to $100 a week. Each survey only takes half an hour.

Another job you might consider is being a brand rep. This is a good job if you are extremely outgoing and love socializing. You can apply online at repnation.com to be an Xbox rep. You would basically get paid to play video games with your friends.

            If you aren’t as concerned about the money, and more worried about having nothing to do during the summer, consider being a summer camp counselor or volunteer at an animal shelter. Working with kids or animals can be great experience. Check out the available places in your area where you can volunteer.


Sue Z. Maroon