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What’s in a name? A look at the names of country bands


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Most of the time, people listen to music and do not think twice about the meaning behind the band’s name. Names offer more than just identity; they offer a look into the past of how a band may have been started.

Band or artist names are often something listeners overlook and use merely as a way to identify who the person singing could be or who sings that song they love so much. Just a deeper look into how these artists, specifically country artists and musical groups, received their name will open up a world of interesting stories and historical backgrounds that the listeners of these bands may have never known before.

Rascal Flatts: This male-trio country band never had the intention of naming their musical group Rascal Flatts. In fact, the band desired to be called Deuces Wild, but had trouble doing so because of the several other bands using that as their name. The band’s friend suggested that they use Rascal Flatts, inspired by his high school garage band. After some debate about this among band members, the name has clearly been successful.

Lady Antebellum: This country band formed in 2006. Their name was inspired and created at a publicity photo shoot. The background for the photo shoot was a pre-Civil War mansion, inspiring the use of Antebellum, meaning prewar, in its name. The Lady aspect of the band’s name has often confused many and led them to believe the band was all women.  One of the band members, Dave Haywood, thought that confusion was what made it all the more special.
Sugarland: Contrary to what may be believed this band’s name was not chosen after any of the band member’s hometown name. In fact, none of the country singers grew up in Sugar Land, Texas. The name was chosen by Kristen Hall, who ironically left the band before it became successful.

Eagles: Eagles, also commonly known as The Eagles, were a country rock band that formed during the 1970s. They decided on their name after being influenced greatly by the California band, The Byrds. Eagles are a legendary example of how band names are influenced by other bands similar to their genre.