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Catch some great meals before catching your flight home


Kaitlyn Bell

Staff writer

As fall break nears, many students have been eager to book flights and prepare their way home for the week off in October.

For some, flying can be a merely awful experience that is hardly looked forward to. To make the experience a little bit better, The Huffington Post has reported the best airport food throughout the world. Thus, whether it is during a study abroad experience or a flight back home, exploring a restaurant with good food before the long ride home can make the trip much more enjoyable.

If your stop includes a layover at LaGuardia airport, be sure to explore the Prime Tavern which offers a fine dining steakhouse experience.

If New York is not on the way home, make your way west to the windy city of Chicago. There you will find a gourmet Mexican restaurant with recipes from a renowned chef, Rick Bayless and inspired ingredients from a local eatery close to Chicago’s other airport, O’Hare.

If the experience of a restaurant’s atmosphere is of great importance, consider the Encounter at LAX International for those flying home to the west coast. This restaurant serves all American style food with a classic twist due to its Star Trek-like décor.

For anyone stopping at Boston’s Logan Airport on their flight home to New England, try the typical seafood of the area. The airport has several seafood places to choose from.

If the seafood in Boston interests you, but you can’t make it that far north, venture over to New York’s JFK International Airport and try the sushi at Deep Blue Sushi. This is just one of the many incredible dining experiences you can have on your way home at JFK Airport.

Airport dining has come a long way and has made strides to improve the meals served before people board their final flight home. Although airports were not originally thought about for the dining experience, this has definitely changed and is allowing travel experience to become much more comfortable.  For college students, traveling is inevitable, whether it is for international study abroad or visits to home and back, be sure to explore some of the great restaurants offered at these airports.

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