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Kandinski Trio season opener


Leslie Shallock

Staff writer

The trio, The Kandinsky Trio to be exact, delighted RC, in the usual ways last Saturday, by being unusual. 

The group, whose residence is at RC, plays classical music with a modern twist.  The trio is composed of Elizabeth Bachelder on piano, Benedict Goodfriend on violin, and Alan Weinstein on cello and bass.

The group opened up their season opening performance, with two guest performers.  They were violinist Susan Waterbury and Michael Klotz on viola.

The first tune of their 24th season was a trio by Franz Joseph Haydn (SUPPOSED TO BE SPELLED THIS WAY!!), which quintessentially summed up the 18th century.

The most interesting piece of the night was Gustav Mahler’s Klavierquartett, which introduced Klotz to the stage.  Mahler, normally known for his dense, complex symphonies, composed this piece of chamber music while still a student.

The piece is thought to be one of the only surviving chamber music pieces written by Mahler.  In this piece, one can recognize Mahler’s signature flourishes and style.

The last selection was Antonin Dvorak’s Quintet in A Major, Op 81.  This song finally saw the guest violinist, Susan Waterbury to the stage.   They were all team players as they communicated through eye-contact and bow watching.  It was almost an endurance test as the song was approximately forty minutes long.

It was truly a finale, as it falsely made its way to the end and recessed again into a quiet passage.  The audience was jerked one way and another, waiting to see how invigorating the real ending would be.  It was a performance that involved as much of the audience as it did the performers.

The Kandinsky Trio held its own in this season opener.  They proved once again that it is worth a chilly evening to come and listen to century old chamber music in a dimly lit room.

The next Kandinsky Trio concert will be on Dec. 3 in Olin.  They will perform pieces by Mozart and Mendelssohn.  RC student admittance is free.