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Lauren Halbeisen

Staff writer

Last weekend, The RC Greek System held their fall informal bids days, Friday was girl’s bids day and Saturday was boy’s bids day.

With all of the sororities and fraternities figuring out which people to welcome into their ‘pact’ there were a lot of opinions about the Greek System that RC students had to say.

“I can understand the point of how a group of people come together to be brothers and sisters. But it could be more opening and inviting; not just partying,” said one RC student.

“That’s all the Greek System is…it’s partying. I think they have more attention because they are an organized group. They say Greeks make up a small portion of our campus, but since there are so few students, it’s hard not to see them.”

Other students agreed with this sentiment.

“Greek life is entertaining for some because it allows people to be part of a group. But that kind of secrecy and devotion leaves other students out. Events are not planned for other students. It is a bond that cannot be broken so others cannot be included.

“I think some of the sororities play into their stereotypes very well. I think they are good for some and not others. The Greeks System should not get so much attention. To have a campus based only on Greek life is sad. I very strongly think that the sororities segregate people by color and ethnicity.”

One active member of an RC sorority explained why she chose to join, and defended her choice.

“I don’t think that Greeks and unaffiliated people are segregated. I joined my sorority because it is hard to make friends and a sorority helped me. I don’t look at unaffiliated people as below me. It is just an easier way into the social scene. It’s also more organized and an easy way to find people, such as the people within it. Statistically the campus is only like 25-26% Greek. Since we promote ourselves it seems like a big deal. The only way people party though is through Greeks.”

The individuals previously quoted chose to remain anonymous. All of the responses are very diverse. RC does a good job of displaying activities, but others can argue that the Greeks should not be the only people getting the attention here on campus.

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  1. Honestly this article is written very poorly. Considering I know the person who wrote this she has her own personal reasons to hate the greek system. She pretended to be a new memeber of an organization to get into a party and then was turned away when people realized she was not.

    “I very strongly think that the sororities segregate people by color and ethnicity”

    The article only displays one positive view point and several negative. The above comment is very wrong. There are different ethnicities in every Greek organization on campus currently or they have a history of having people of different races and cultures.

    “That’s all the Greek System is…it’s partying”

    Are you kidding me? Every year we do hundreds of hours of service and community buliding. Each organization is basically required to have a philanthropy week where other organizations and other students on campus can come buy t-shirts and attend events for very worthy causes. The organization I am a part of requires at least 12 hours of service a semester. What does your organization do? Run around Bast at night and shoot nerf guns?

    Think before you accuse the Greek system of just “partying”, what are you doing that highlights Roanoke College?

  2. I think that this article is extremely bias and opinionated. While the Greek system does involvve partying, they also partake in several other activities and do a great amount of community service and funraising for many philanthropic organizations. Do you know exactly how much money, time, and committment we devote to supporting our philanthropies in Greek life? No, so before you go accusing all affiliated men and women for partying, you should get your facts straight and do some research. Greek life is about much more than partying and being exclusive. Unaffiliated students are always welcome to come out to our fundraisers and activities, like lipsyncs. I joined my greek organization for many reasons, partying not being one of them.

  3. It is ignorant people like you who give Greek Life a bad name. Being apart of Greek Life is not all about partying. And to be completely honest, what is wrong with having a good time with a group of people that are really close to you? Greeks volunteer, raise money, and donate items to their philanthropies all year round. Greeks also do quite a bit of volunteer work throughout the community as well. Before you do an article like this, you should probably get more facts about Greek Life.

  4. Omg I agree 100 percent! you did an excellent job of relaying statistical evidence to back your claim. Jeez I feel I should transfer schools if I can’t get off campus because I’ll continue to have silly dorm parties… Probably in Crawford since there is a segregated floor of freshman and sophomores. Wait, I’ll holler at frat parties (I looked up the secret handshake online so you know I’ll be “in”) sorry losers I just bought a one way ticket to an exclusive inner circle (not skull and crossbones- George bush was one) which allows me to drink in excess..for free. YEP no dues apply to this guy because I’ve been labeled by few as “the man”.

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