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RC freshman get in the swing of things


Madhura Chitnavis

Staff writer

It has been a month since college started and the semester is officially in full swing.  For seasoned veterans of college cramming for exams, finding time to hang out with friends, and checking-in with mom is second nature.  For freshmen, however, the balancing act may prove to be difficult.  On top of adjusting to a new environment, freshmen in college have to learn to budget their time wisely and find time to study, as well as socialize and make new friends.

“Well, college is definitely a big step, and it’s hard being away from my family and friends,” said Ashley Nyitray ’15.

According to Nyitray, multiple assignments being due and exams coming right around the corner don’t help either, “exams add stress to the whole situation,” said Nyitray.

Although many freshmen may feel stressed a lot these days, and some may even feel alone, it is important to note that freshmen are most definitely not alone.  On top of talking to the approximately 500 other freshmen, new students may find that talking to upperclassmen, or even professors, may help in decreasing stress levels and receiving valuable advice.

Dr. Charles Early, a psychology professor at Roanoke, was more than willing to provide new students with study tips and advice.

“Prior knowledge is key to performing well in class,” Early said.  “The more prior knowledge you have, the more ways you have to connecting to new material coming in, which is why the single most important thing to do is prepare for class.”

It may also be beneficial for new students to form support groups and join different clubs.

“Having a strong support group and being well-prepared helps me cope [with stress],” Nyitray said.

Although college is initially intimidating, freshmen can find comfort in realizing that everyone, from the professors to the upperclassmen, went through the same adjustments in college.