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Family weekend


Shannon Fields and Laurel Morrison

Staff Writers

As soon as class was over, and maybe even in class, parents could be spotted all over RC campus. Friday, Sept. 30th, was the beginning of family weekend. RC did a great job welcoming parents and families and providing many activities to keep them busy.

 “I was delighted with how wonderful the campus looked and to see my little girl.” Debbie Khosla, mother of Cait Khosla ’15, said.

RC spruced up the campus by touching up the lawns and putting up welcome signs and colorful balloons along the walk ways.

Parents were welcome to come any time on Friday and even sit in on their child’s classes. The parents were excited to experience a RC event, and what’s better than Friday on the Quad? FOTQ was held later that evening down near the stadium where large BBQ buffet was set out for all the hungry RC students and their parents.

“My parents loved the food Roanoke served. It was way better than my mom’s cooking,” said Kayla Lemke ’15.

After the festivities of FOTQ subsided there was only one plausible thing to do, shop. Many Roanoke students and their families were spotted buying carts full of college necessities at Wal-Mart.

“The only good part of my parents’ weekend was the substantial amount of Ramen Noodles I got out of it,” Mary Grace Mullen ’15 said.

On Saturday morning the activities began early with RC athletics, family hikes, the “Magic of Chemistry” show, a historical tour of Roanoke, and other exciting events! During the “Magic of Chemistry” show, a Roanoke student proposed to another! While the weekend was cold the families enjoyed the scenic views of Roanoke College and spending time with their Roanoke student.

“It was nice to see my parents and talk face to face,” said Brad Maier ’15.

For some students the weekend was less enjoyable because their families could not attend family weekend.

“It was sad to see everyone else with their families, but luckily I was able to Skype my parents that Saturday,” Meg Picard ’15 said.

Fortunately fall break is less than two weeks away so students like Picard will be able to reunite with their families.

Overall family weekend seemed to be successful with many reunited families and smiling faces. The atmosphere at Roanoke College this past weekend was one to remember for RC students.