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Hart of Dixie: Review


Morgan Minyard

Staff writer

Hart of Dixie is an American medical comedy-drama television series, which was picked up in May 2011 by The CW. It premiered on Monday, September 26, 2011. Following the show’s premiere critics gave the show some mixed reviews, while audiences watching from home seemed to love it.

Rachel Bilson, the star of Hart of Dixie hasn’t starred on a TV series since her breakout role on The O.C., but she’s heading back to the small screen.

“It’s good to see Bilson back on TV,” People magazine said.

“This overdone fish-out-of-water story is surprisingly touching and may appeal to the CW’s young female audience,” a Hollywood Reporter said.

The show is about a young woman from New York named Zoe Hart (Bilson), who has just graduated from medical school at the top of her class and has high hopes of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon like her father.

She thinks she has it all figured out, but soon all of her dreams come crashing down when she is told by her boss that she did not get the position she had been hoping for. Zoe then decides to accept an offer from a stranger, Dr. Harley Wilkes, to work with him in Bluebell, Alabama. Once she arrives in Bluebell she is told that Harley has passed away and has left half of his medical practice to her. She quickly finds that southern hospitality isn’t always so hospitable.

It seems as though there will be some love interests in the series as well; there may not be vampires in this series, but this wouldn’t be The CW without some eye candy, and Hart of Dixie has plenty of contenders. Zoe has already met a handsome lawyer named George Tucker (Scott Porter) and another good looking man named Wade Kindsella (Wilson Bethel), who lives in the house next door to her.  During the season premiere of the show Zoe makes out with Kindsella but seems to have more chemistry with Tucker. Only time will tell who she ends up falling for.

The show looks like it will mainly follow the life of Zoe Hart as she learns to struggle with the different kind of lifestyle the south has to offer her, while also managing a small medical practice and her personal life as well.

With only two episodes airing so far it will be interesting if the show will remain a hit on the CW due to the mixed reactions of critics and audiences.