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Lauren Halbeisen

Staff writer

Fall is for sure in the air this October and while students are unpacking their fall clothes and putting away their summer ones, it is nice to stop by on the Front Quad Heritage Walk for a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

“Jo-2-Go” was founded by Mr. William Greer, Associate Dean for Student Success Initiatives.

“The purpose of the golf cart on the Heritage Walk is to focus on building the community,” Greer said. “Our hope is that more and more students, faculty and staff will stop by ‘Jo-2-Go’ to grab a cup and say hello to someone they might not typically communicate with” said Greer.

“J-2-Go” is around every Tuesday and Wednesday 9:30-10:30AM. Greer has run the “Jo-2-Go” experience by students and staff, and says it is going to be an “on-going experience throughout the entire year.”

People standing around seemed to really enjoy the coffee as well as they atmosphere. They said things like “This has made my day!” and “This completely turned my day around!”.

This most baffling question on everyone’s mind was “How can this be free?”

“Jo-2-Go” offers a variety of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and even donuts from time to time. Even though the weather is slowly but surely getting colder, students think it is nice to know that at some point in the week they can stop by to warm up and talk with other students. There is something about cold weather that brings people together. But the next time you take a walk down the Front Quad on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, make sure to stop by and grab a cup of jo and talk it up with other students.