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RC community apple picking


Staff Writer

Shannon McGuire

It was chilly morning on Saturday, October 1. At 7:30am, while most students slept, there was another group of RC students heading out to Bryant’s Orchard to go apple picking.  Apple picking in its nature happens to be a great fun fall activity.

This time however RC students were not only going to participate in a festive activity they were helping collect apples that would then go to a food bank. Upon arriving RC students were joined by 2 other volunteer groups that were also there to help and donate their time. For 3 hours the students picked through thousands of apples collecting all that were satisfactory. After a few hours of collecting the students all helped loading up the truck that would bring the apples to the food bank.

Overall the 3 volunteer groups including RC collected around 350 of the 10 pound bags of apples. This gave a total of around 3,500 pounds of apples that were then given to the food bank for the many people in need.

The food bank that these apples were donated to was run by a religious organization that helps give out food to those in need that live in the Roanoke and Vinton areas.  The food bank is open every day of the week except on Fridays so local families are able to always have a way of getting food for their families.

It was a great, fun, and festive activity to participate in and the fact that it was for a great cause only made it better. This was only one example of how RC students helped their local community. If you would like to get involved and help our community you can simply check the Chaplain’s office or keep your eye out around campus for events that maybe posted on bulletin boards, posters, or student tables set up in Colket.

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